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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 21, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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live, local, latebreaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> it was a rough night out there. severe weather moving through the area, bringing a lot of rain. for about an hour, several counties were under a tornado warning. >> strong storms continue to move to our area at this hour. >> john collins has been tracking the storms for you all night long. he is live with an update. >> things are quieting down. there is no severe weather going on right now, but there are a couple of bands of thunderstorms. it is the one to the east, running through the northeast corner of the state, down toward centerville, that is producing a strong storm activity at this time.
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that is where most of the lightning is being registered right now. that is the dangerous part of the storm. in northern baltimore county there is an area of shower activity as well as anne arundel county. earlier this evening, around 7:30, there was a line of thunderstorms moving in. this is what the rate or look like at 7:30 this evening. there was rotation of and the clouds, an indication that there might be a tornado. therefore, a tornado warning was issued. this was the storm at 7:50 this evening. it was producing roughly 2 inches of rain as it moved along this path. that was the strongest part of the storm and the potential for a tornado, which never was confirmed on the ground. this is the position at 8:00 in.
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-- at 8:10. the one path produced the heaviest rain was in excess of 2 inches of rain that fell in about 25 minutes. we still have rein in the forecast, probably not the intensity that we had today. we will talk about that in the forecast in just a minute. >> fortunately we only had tornado warnings tonight, and no rotation's touched down. as a reminder, during this type of weather, you should always planned to head to the lowest level of your building, interior rooms are always the safest place to stay, and always avoid windows. cover you head and wait for the storm to pass. if you are outside, crouched down in a low-lying area and be sure to cover your head. you can always track storms as you move through your neighborhood -- as they move through your neighborhood.
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you can find a link on the front page of cracks baltimore police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed 25-year-old davantay gunther. investigators were called to his home on highland avenue around 4 blog 30 yesterday afternoon. >> -- at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the city had gone in nine days without deadly violence until dante guenther was gunned down in his own home. a hot afternoon was disturbed by gunfire thursday. >> i actually duct. i looked outside and saw a truck by, but apparently it was not a truck, it was a gunshot. >> his next-door neighbor was shot and killed at his south island avenue home. -- self hyland ave. when gunther looked out the
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front window, he was shot three times in the head and chest. the neighborhood is still in shock. >> everybody was upset. his ex -- his best friend was next door to me. he was just hysterical about it. >> he was a nice guy. he does not bother anybody. >> of family gathered outside the home, and neighbors came by to offer their condolences. those who lived nearby said they were surprised at who was shot, but they were not surprised by the violence. a group has been working to revitalize the area and transform it into a safer place to live. some fear the violence is just a trend -- the beginning of a trend in the other direction. >> i hope it does not get any worse. >> baltimore police said they have no suspects so far in the murder.
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>> news tonight, baltimore city police are investigating what could become the city's 143rd homicide so far this year. around 9:30 this evening, officers were called to an intersection where there were reports of a man shot. because of the serious nature of his injuries, homicide investigators were called in. there is no word to what led to the gunfire. >> a 16-year-old baltimore city boy was indicted in the murder of a 27-year-old mother of two. she was shot and killed while sitting in her car outside the clubhouse lounge in northeast baltimore. court documents allege that 16- year-old maurice lamont evans walked up to her car, pulled open the driver's door, and fired 15 rounds into the car. police said that she was hit several times in her stomach. prosecutors say evans will be arraigned in september. >> the army has identified the four members of an elite special operations unit killed in a
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helicopter training accident in colorado. one of the soldiers was from maryland. staff sergeant paul jackson was from lancaster, maryland. they were in a black hawk helicopter wednesday when it crashed into a colorado mountain. the helicopters black box has been recovered, and an investigation is underway. >> it was a frightening scene. 14 high school football players collapsed on ifill, all at virtually the same time. emergency officials insist that he was the only thing responsible. melissa carlson has that story. >> it was just after 4:45 when ems received 8911 call of a number of students down on the kent hat and -- on the high school field. >> initially the concern was if we had a hazmat incident or if
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they were all just sit at once. >> favre official said 14 students and three coaches were transported to area hospitals. they have all since been released. >> we still believe it was heat related illness, no other reason to believe anything else. >> some, including the public school superintendent, think it is strange. >> we had all of our teams out here practicing yesterday. no other teams had a problem. that team really had only been practicing for about 45 minutes when all of this occurred. that is what we are looking to see if other sources might have called that incident. >> what about concerns of chemicals on the field? >> parts and recreation does our field. they do a wonderful job. they never put anything on there when they know we are practicing. the lines are put on with water based paint.
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>>, plays on the junior varsity team. >> it was very scary, but we have excellent coaching staff here. we completely trust their opinion. >> in tonight's project economy report, it appears to help the market might be bouncing back. the national association of realtors reported that resell for single-family town homes and condos soared over 7% last month. officials say foreclosed and distressed properties accounted for nearly one-third of those numbers. >> sentiment is shifting. people are recognizing the housing market has reached bottom, and now they are entering the market with any -- with little fear of any further decline. >> first-time home buyers taking advantage of the bargain prices
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and 10% tax credit that expires this fall. >> and other government incentive program, "cash-for- clunkers", is set to come to an end. drivers looking to trade in gas guzzlers for more fuel-efficient vehicles have until monday night to do so. >> baiting, cracking, and peeling paint and arresting body, they conquered. this 1990 ford aerostar van qualifies for cash under the program. >> it will create opportunity for us and the car dealers, and i think as an economic stimulus. we need to order cars. the steel plants need to get going. it puts people back to work. >> on a back lot, old and be up heaps said disabled, drained of their fluids. to qualify for the government-
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backed program, owners of these vehicles had to drive them in. allen and geraldine donald test out a new fuel efficient ford, but the deal hits a snag. our car, which is 24 years old, originally a said it got 90 miles to the gallon -- 19 miles to the gallon, so it does not qualify. >> so i am left with might 25- year-old car. >> other dealers wonder when they will get their money. >> is been a challenge for us. we have done close to four hundred deals and we have only been paid on tens of four. so the federal government owes us over $1 million. >> the dealership is confident they will get paid. >> dealers have until 8:00 p.m. monday night to finish all of their paperwork.
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they are telling customers, do not wait until the last minute to come in. aaa says there are several things to keep in mind before you go to the dealer. we have listed them on our website, >> and plant diseases is creating havoc for maryland and tomato growers. halifax prices at the supermarket? >> detour dave sandler collapsed at a sporting event tonight. tonight he is on the remarkable road to recovery. >> hundreds of cats are in need of good homes. >> the local screening of a popular family film had moviegoers seeing purple. tonight, a very special family night movie. >> to bands of severe storms through the area earlier today. 75 degrees
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the care shelter is appealing to you to help them with an overpopulation of cats. they said they have taken in 603 cats and kittens this month, averaging 40 to 50 new additions every day. they said they have simply run out of space, and they hope you can adopt some furry friends. what is behind the search of cats and kittens? cracks part of it is the economy, and population increases over time. we are getting a lot of moms and letters. >> through august 30, they will waive the normal $65 adoption before any cats and kittens ages 6 months and over. >> david detour center is heading home after a two week stay in hospital. >> he literally died and was brought back to life. we have more on his remarkable road to recovery. >> it was here on the softball field two weeks ago when dave
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sandler's life changed forever, and luckily he is around to tell this amazing story. >> i think i happen to be the luckiest man in the world. >> detour dave, the traffic on the radio, has quite a story to tell. friday, surrounded by doctors, he is still in this belief that he is alive. >> all i can say is that if these gentlemen were not available to me, i do not think we would be standing here talking right now. >> it was to send is ago when davis softball team was playing a game here. after a long run from second to home, he says he became dizzy and try to make it to the dugout to sit down. >> i never mated to the bench. i collapsed right on the visitor's dugout. my brother nat -- yelled my name really tell. i looked over to home plate and saw david on the ground.
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>> a cardiologists and player and friend of davis was luckily at the game. he and another doctor ran over to help. >> it was unresponsive. the color of his face was blue. >> they immediately began cpr and revived him. paramedics took over from there. that the hospital, a series of tests were done, and it was determined he had blocked arteries from radiation treatments he had in 1982 for hodgkin's disease. dr. jamie brown performed the surgery. they took arteries from his body to repair the clock winds. they installed a defibrillator to monitor his heart and it can send a shock to start it up if it should stop again. >> as you can see, the stars aligned, and detour date is grateful, saying he gets very emotional now every time he sees one of his doctors.
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>> dave tells us he expects to be back on the air within the next two-three weeks. he also hopes that folks will learn from his experience that cpr truly saves lives. he is living proof. >> reviewed is dealing with a larger problem, hurricane bill. heavy rains are calling heavy flooding all over the island at this hour. while the east coast escaped a direct hit, we will still feel the effects all weekend long, waves as high as 35 feet can be expected up and down the east coast. the storm will likely produce recurrence, strong enough to pull even the most experienced swimmers out to sea. >> risk for a storm like this will be 10 times more dangerous.
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>> the best advice, keep your kids and yourself very close to shore. >> we have had stormy weather today, a couple rounds of severe storms. it wound up being mostly just a lot of rain, over 2 inches in some cases. you are the two bands of storms that are out now. one runs from just west of philadelphia across cecil county and down the eastern shore out to the bay. out west of us, but in baltimore county, hartford county, most of it is in carol and western howard county. i will briefly put in motion so you get the sense of where everything is going. there is not as much lightning on the one just west of the city. we are not done with rain chances either tonight or tomorrow.
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before the rain began it was hot, 93 at the airport. once the rain started up, the temperatures dropped to the mid 70's. we just have not recovered since then. and tv hill, we had almost an inch of rain measured. tomorrow there is more rain in the forecast. we are catching up on some of the deficit we had. some areas in central howard county and up towards southern carroll county had 2 inches of rain from the one strong cell that went through earlier this evening. 60 posey added for western maryland this evening. here is the cold front that is trying to come in. it is having a hard time moving eastward. this is bill of to the east, out over the ocean. this is the island of bermuda.
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bill will stay out to sea, but the winds circulating will stir up the sir, and that is where we will get the big waves. until the front actually gets out of here, and that will not be until this moves to the north, we are stuck with a range chance. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. 70-74 the overnight low. there's a blood advisory and flood watch for cecil county -- flood advisory until 1:30 or so. speaking of bill, here is what it looks like right now. it is only a category to down with 110 mile an hour winds. it will stay out to sea and track between bermuda and the u.s. coast. it will be about four hundred miles away from ocean city.
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it may strengthen briefly in the morning, and then it moves up to the maritime provinces of canada and toward the northern portions of the british isles. it is still a tropical storm. 81-85 the high tomorrow. boaters can expect winds to become east that 5-10 not. i am holding a chance for rain showers on sunday as well. most of the day will be dry, but there might be a shower to. the humidity will be down, and that will be the case next week. temperatures in the 8's, almost too good to be true. >> friday night at the movies took on a new meeting for some area families. >> to major crops are feeling the effect of a seasonal plant disease. how it is affecting state
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>> and plant disease has made its way to marilyn. you could soon fillets impact in your wallet. cooler temperatures and high rainfall this summer have created just the right climate for the disease to hit hardest time harder this year, killing of many crops. your tomatoes ultimately means higher prices. -- fewer tomatoes. >> plants just guarded building, and in about a week they were dead.
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>> officials say invected tomatoes look and taste bad but are not harmful. experts warn if you grow tomatoes at home and notice signs of the blight, the plan should be pulled up immediately and destroyed. >> tonight's storm did not stop area families from enjoying a family event. it was the first annual baltimore ravens movie night. the storms forced organizers to move france from the field into the club level -- to move fans indoors, but it went off without a hitch. >> coming up, brett favre return to the nfl field. to the nfl field.
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but as for the first time since the start of training camp, reagan's players have something big to look forward to this weekend. the end of training camp. you know they have started to get a lower randy and mcdaniel college. in an era where nearly half the nfl teams now whole camp at their regular training facility, the ravens seem to have a competitive edge. >> building a football team at this stage is a round-the-clock process. the fact that the guys at -- it
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is the fact that they are together but also the fact we can have meetings at night. they cannot back to the room and teach the young guys the defense and offense. it is wall-to-wall ball. >> in the true indecisive spirit of brett favre, we cannot make up our minds whether to show you his highlights tonight. we are going to, and then decided not to, and then thought about it some more. then we changed our mind, and then we figured, why not? for making the start only three days after coming out of retirement. not exactly the high watermark of his career. his one completion out of four was not very pretty. his incompletion looks very much like a man set to turn 39 years old. his shaky start, the vikings went 17-13 over the chiefs.
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ravens travel to and play brett favre. he played college ball at penn state. the big ability to sack quarterback. by holding out, he also missed all of his first nfl training camp. they open a series in chicago with a 5-1 win over the white sox. one night after hitting a grand slam, robert skills to more home runs. the first came in the third inning and put the orioles in front 1-0. the second time in the eight, breaking up a 1-1 time. the birds be the white sox 5-1. the cal ripken world series wraps up in aberdeen tomorrow.
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our break for the maryland team, based in florida. 3-2 florida in front of maryland. . diaz at the plate. the solo shot, 4-2 board. eric head's into a forced play to end it as large a these maryland, 4-2. board of this is the defending champ, mexico tomorrow. -- florida faces maryland. if it does not work out for the nationals, bacon take comfort knowing they are not the first people in washington to waste a lot of money -- they can take comfort. the bonus makes him the highest- paid draft pick in history.
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diabetes and cancer. and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope, that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research, for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her, thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future, it's life. >> still a chance of rain
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